How to Quick Fix Small Scratches

Those who have homes with hardwood floors know that one of the greatest gambles in that is the risk of scratches. It’s an inevitable fact of life that eventually your floor will obtain a scratch (and it’s usually just after they’ve been redone!), but this is no reason to panic. Accidents happen and a well-worn wood floor is simply a floor that has seen a lot of love. While we all can’t afford the money or time that goes into refinishing a hardwood floor, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of other ways to handle business. Instead of jumping right to refinishing, here are a number of ways of how to quick fix small scratches on your own:
  1. Invest in a wood staining marker: This will be a life saver, especially if you have accident prone family members. To begin, you’ll want to test the marker to make sure it’s a good color match for your flooring (we suggest in a corner so if it isn’t the greatest match you won’t really be able to see it). Once you’ve done this, clean the area that was scratched and apply the marker. Once you’ve done this, rub the stain into the scratch with a clean rage that’s been soaked a bit in mineral spirits.
  2. Get to know your local hardware store: You may find yourself having to reseal a part of your flooring. While this is absolutely possible as a DIY mini project for yourself, you’ll need help finding the right sealant and making sure that your process of sealing is appropriate for the wood that you’ll be working with.
  3. Sand it out: If the scratch isn’t too deep, try sanding it out so that it’s smooth again and then using a wood wax stick to fill the area. Wood wax comes in a variety of “wood shades” as well as clear. Once applying, let it dry for a few days before buffing it out. Before applying the wood wax, be sure you’ve cleaned the area well as you don’t want anything getting stuck underneath the wax.