Best Ways to Clean Bathroom Floors

Bathrooms can seem like a bit of an oxymoron to most homeowners; while they’re the place that we go to in order to clean ourselves, they’re also the place that tends to build up the most amount grime and dirt. Sometimes those tough stains seem like they’ll never come out and figuring out the best ways to clean bathroom floors can be difficult. Here’s a list that should make things a bit easier on you:
  • Sweep, sweep, sweep: Some people attempt to use smaller vacuum cleaners or hard surface vacuums to begin the floor cleaning process of a bathroom. Typically, this isn’t wise because there’s so many small corners and tight turns that a chunky vacuum could never reach. Instead, always begin your process by thoroughly sweeping your bathroom. (Extra pro tip: vacuuming up the mess pile you’ve swept together can make for a great clean up method but avoid vacuuming the whole area.)
  • Ditch the bucket: While it’s often common to use a bucket while mopping a floor, for a bathroom you may want to skip this. Instead use the tub or sink as a make shift bucket. Pour your cleaning solution into the pool of water and go right from there. (Extra pro tip: mixing two parts water, one-part vinegar, and a tablespoon of dish soap together makes for excellent bathroom floor cleaner, but do NOT use on hardwood floors.)
  • Dry it off: This is a step that many people skip as it doesn’t seem immediately necessary. However, this is the one step that will be the difference between clean and sparkling. Use an old towel to try off your floor after cleaning. This is a great way to collect any pesky straggling traces of dirt or grime, as well as acts as a natural polisher to your bathroom floor. (Extra pro tip: instead of getting down on your hands and knees to dry off your floor, simply toss the towel down and use your foot to dry the space out. You avoid having to do too much extra work, while still achieving the same results in the end.)