Proper Care for Hardwood, Vinyl, and Tile Flooring

Different flooring means different care treatments. Each flooring material has its own quirky characteristics. You might be wondering what we mean and why we suggest you clean your flooring in a few ways, but let us explain. When it comes to cleaning your hardwood floor, you want to do something a little bit unique to really make your floor shine. So, with that said we suggest you grab two tea bags and boil some water up and mop with this concoction. This will leave your floors shiny like they did when you first installed them! When using this method, you will want to just use a soft cloth. When you are done, take a step back and admire all your hard work on your beautiful floors. It is inevitable that your vinyl flooring is going to get a scuff or some leftover dirt that rubbed in on accident. The trick to taking care of your vinyl and getting those tough scratches off the floor is to use a nail polish remover and rub the scratch off. Remember to stay away from harsh rags or steel sponges to remove the scuffs because this will scratch your vinyl. Before you clean vinyl, which should be done weekly, remember to sweep up or vacuum up the extra dirt so you aren’t adding scratch marks as you are trying to clean. When you have ceramic tile flooring you don’t want to treat it the same as your hardwood floor. With your ceramic tile flooring, you don’t want to use your everyday sponge mop because this will just move your dirt to the crevices of your flooring. If you only have a sponge mop then don’t forget this next step. Sweep or vacuum before you decide to mop that way you can pick up any lingering dirt so you don’t scratch the rest of your flooring while you mop. If you decide to follow our instructions and forego the sponge mop, go ahead and get a microfiber mop or a rag with a bucket to rinse it in as you go. If you only have a rag, you might just find yourself doing the old fashion hands and knees on the floor method. The things we do as homeowners!