The Easiest Way to Clean Countertops

Taking care of your countertops can be a never-ending task that can be quite defeating. We all have encountered (pun intended) those countertops that never actually look clean… Well here is a secret, did you know that different countertops should be cleaned with different products? We will list a couple of cleaning tips for each countertop style. First, we have marble. If you have a marble countertop you are more than likely to have a beautiful, sleek kitchen that deserves for its counters to shine and steal the show. To clean this beauty, you should get yourself a one-dollar spray bottle and fill it with warm water and non-harsh dish soap. Wipe your counters with soft towels and you will see your counters sparkle. Second, stainless steel. This material for a kitchen space is stunning for an industrial look, but don’t be fooled there are some downsides to this product, and if you have kids running around or if you’re an entertainer you can attest to the fact that fingerprint marks are a real struggle. Don’t stress, you can still have this beautiful kitchen and keep your space looking sleek by cleaning it properly. For stainless steel you won’t need anything special, just a cleaning cloth and a soft-bristled brush. Stainless steel is easy to get prints on, but it is also generally easy to get those prints off! Lastly, tile countertops. Although tile countertops are rarer nowadays compared to marble or granite, we decided to include it because this is one of the tougher kitchen countertops to clean because of the dreaded grout line. Tile is beautiful but you have to be careful to clean the grout lines so that any food crumbs or dirt gets taken off the counter. This is an important step when you have tile countertop because not only are they prone to collect food particles, but they also are likely to stain. So, all you need to do to achieve this goal is to mix scouring powder and bleach and scrub gently with a toothbrush. This will help your grout stay looking fresh and new.