What you Need to Know About Rug Pile

Pile is basically the ‘face’ of your rug – not only does it impact visually, it also affects the durability and feel. So what is it you need to know before you start browsing for the carpet of your dreams?

Thicker Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Just because a pile is thick, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right choice for your home, nor is it a sure fire sign of quality. Some incredibly high tier rugs can be fine – however if your furnishing an area with high footfall it’s often advised to get a thicker pile rug regardless.

Height is Important

Another important feature of your pile is the height you choose. It varies, but in general height falls into low (¼ inch and less than), medium (¼ to ½ inch) and finally high (½ to ¾ inch). Anything higher than ¾ inch is categorized as plush. The longer a pile is, in general the softer it will feel to the touch. High carpet piles have increasingly loose fibers, meaning they’re fluffy and lavish. Shorter pile is more tightly woven, so it can be used to create more ornate patterns (a well-known type would be persian)

Short Means Strong

The shorter the pile, the more durable and strong your carpet will be. This should be considered when it comes to choosing – if you’re redecorating a room which sees a fair amount of footsteps, a shorter pile is advisable. The same can be said if you’re fond of moving your furniture around, as longer pile will flatten with the impact more readily.

Take Care with Cleaning

If you opt for a higher length pile, it’s important you clean it carefully. If your vacuum is too strong it may cause the pile to be pulled and ruin the rug – as such you should always turn off the rotating bar to preserve your luxurious pile for as long as possible. Shorter pile rugs are easier to clean as the dirt has less places to hide.