Carpet Styles Explained

Until you buy a carpet, it might not occur to you the many styles available. From cup pile to loop, velvet to twist, there’s plenty to choose from – each has its own aesthetic and practical benefits. Let’s take a look at a quick overview:

Loop Pile

This style of carpet is so called because the material is looped, coming in a range of different patterns. Patterns can be created by having the loops arranged in a certain way.
  1. Level
Level loop pile is a great option for high footfall areas, it is hardy and doesn’t show footprints (or paw prints for that matter!)
  1. Multi-Level Loops
This loop has a touch more character, with the patterns being created by having different heights of the material. It is often called the high/low loops and is just as durable as its level counterpart.
  1. Sisal
This textured loop is fast becoming a favorite in the interior design world. It comes in a wide range of different patterns and levels.


In contrast to loop, pile carpet has the fibers cut. This gives them a more luxurious, formal look, but it means the material is less durable.
  1. Cut Pile Plush
This is on the shorter end of the scale, with the pile being twisted. It tends to show footprints easier than other styles, and can also be categorized as velvet/velour pile.
  1. Cut Pile Twist
This is a similarly luxurious pile, but manages to balance the aesthetic with the practical.  The material is twisted and falls in different directions, so it doesn’t show as much wear and tear as plush.
  1. Frieze
This is a much stronger pile, and is offered in thick or thin and long or short. This  construction provides the carpet with a pleasant texture – anything longer is know as shag.


Finally we have combination pile, which can help to create eye-catching patterns. This visual effect is created by mixing loop with cut, and comes in level or textured varieties.