2019 Trends for your Dining Room

Your dining room is a fun space to decorate in your home – yes it serves a purpose (and let’s not deny food is a very important purpose!) but you also want it to create a mood and an atmosphere. Your dining room is a place to entertain, to enjoy with family and friends, and to relax in. Let’s check out some upcoming trends to look out for this year…

Interesting Rugs

Rugs can be such an eye-catching element in any room, and the dining room is no different. The focal point of any dining room is most often the table, which of course sits upon a rug. As such, your rug informs the aesthetic a great deal. In 2019 we’re going to see a move towards eye-catching rugs, either in pattern or in shape and color. Don’t let your rug be an afterthought when you can use it to make a statement. Additionally, an area rug serves a great practical purpose in that it protects the flooring underneath from scratches and damage.


Sheer materials for your window treatments are making waves in 2019. Natural light is a great feature to have in your dining room, but not if you have to forgo privacy. Sheer drapes can achieve this balance whilst also adding a classic opulence to the space.


Plantation shutters are another fabulous choice for 2019, and fit wonderfully with many different styles depending on the material you choose. You can opt for painted white, plain wood, or dramatically dark depending on your intended mood and aesthetic.


Hardwood has such a wonderfully timeless quality, but it is still susceptible to different trends. In 2019, we’re going to be seeing matte, oil, and satin finishes, as well as the inclusion of more eco-friendly woods like bamboo and cork. We’re also witnessing an increase in classic layouts, such as herringbone. Hardwood is great for the dining room because of its durability and ongoing style – something that never goes out of fashion.