Make the Most of Your Kitchen Storage with Newer Cabinetry

Square footage is getting pricier and pricier, especially in big cities. Efficiency in use of space is one of the most important things to have in your apartment or home. Even if you don’t use up all of it, efficient use of space will make your home more valuable to the next buyer. Kitchen are one of the spots most likely to have storage issues. Dishes, especially pots, are clunky things to store, especially if the shapes and sizes of what you own varies. Mugs don’t stack, and neither do your tumblers. Old-fashioned cabinetry failed to manage these problems effectively. They are just big drawers and spaces. Modern cabinetry has come up with some solutions for these storage problems. Plus, if you live in an especially old house, new cabinetry might be able to adapt your space for more modern kitchen use.

Full Extension Drawer Slides

A beautiful invention that you don’t see in older homes, full-extension drawer slides are a modern miracle. They get rid of that awkward groping in the back of the drawer. They allow you to pull out the drawer completely so you have access to every corner of the drawer. A game changer that is worth updating your cabinetry for.

Better Pot Organization

Modern cabinetry has new solutions for pots that your cabinetry doesn’t. Whether it’s a slide-out cabinet, hooks, or drawers with special dividers, modern cabinetry has devised a thousand creative ways to handle pots that old-fashioned cabinetry has never even begun to imagine. Update your cabinetry today to get in on this-century kitchen technology.


One thing that will really help you get the most out of your kitchen storage is to display some of your beautiful, carefully chosen dishes. Modern cabinetry often has glass viewing panels and even lighting to show off your gorgeous kitchenware. You can pick and choose, mixing up which panels are solid and which are clear.


New cabinetry is more creative than ever with ways to expand counter space and make cooking even easier than before. Kitchen islands, extendable counter space, wider counters, and other options are installable with updating to newer cabinetry.