Natural Flooring Types for Your Home

You might be sick of all the fuss surrounding artificial flooring types. They’re cheap and all the rage, but the discount comes with a cost – water damage or cracks and other weaknesses. Natural flooring is the easiest to protect, and it looks gorgeous.The only downside is that it may be pricey to lay down natural floors.


Bamboo is an incredibly environmentally friendly choice. Bamboo grows very quickly. It’s used a lot for things like cutting boards, because it’s hard and durable. The same goes for flooring – it’s a great choice with many options. It also looks unique, because its grain will be different than the grain of other hardwood floors.


Cork sounds a little out there, but Frank Lloyd Wright himself covered his floors with cork. Cork is a renewable resource, and it produces a beautiful and low-maintenance floor. It’s actually made by harvesting the bark of the cork tree – and it doesn’t involve harming the tree, which is a huge plus. It’s naturally insect repellent and fire resistant. Plus, it’s a more cushioned and comfortable floor to walk on than most traditional floors. This makes it an excellent choice for the kitchen.


This may be a surprise, but linoleum is made from natural materials and it’s free from unsafe chemicals like asbestos. It’s actually been around since the 1800s, and it’s made from oil, wood dust, with a canvas backing. It’s an adaptable, durable floor with infinite color and design possibilities. It even has natural antibacterial and fire resistant properties. This makes it commonly used in hospitals. If it’s good enough for a hospital, it’s a fit for you and your family.


Carpet can be a natural flooring option too! Carpet can be made from natural fibers like coconut husk, cotton, and wool. Carpet can also be made from recycled nylon or other recycled materials, like plastic from water bottles. Producers of natural and recycled carpet also often use natural dying techniques to reduce the chemicals present in your own.

Rubber flooring

If the flooring is made from real rubber, this is a natural floor option. It’s made from the rubber tree, which is a renewable resource. But be careful – a lot of rubber flooring these days use synthetic rubber, which is not natural or renewable.