Looking Forward: 5 Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2017

Interior design allows homeowners – and renters – to rejuvenate certain rooms without breaking the bank. Even if you’ve recently redecorated parts of your home, there are always new design projects available to the enterprising enthusiast! As the end of the year draws close, the idea of what’s waiting around the corner in 2017 may just have some readers wondering which area of the home to tackle next! The year 2017– and with it, new possibilities for interior design – is just around the corner. From bold new window treatments to fresh-hued color palettes, here are five design trends to look forward to in 2017: Mixed metallics. Dust off your grandmother’s trunk and apply a coat of cleaner to the old glass china cabinet – and mix them in with some bold, new chrome and metallic items! Mixing metals is a big trend in 2016, and can been in almost every room of the house. Taken older, established pieces and add some fun, cheaper finds into the mix! Everything from polished gold to brassy bronze is in play with this trend. Place a new funky mirrored tray on an old-fashioned bronze drink cart, throw in a few martini glasses, and you’re ready to mix drinks with your mixed metals! Bold neutrals. If the Pantene color of the year, Greenery, is any indicated, 2017 will be a year for rejuvenation, calming energy, and revitalization. Greenery is a color that reminds one of freshly mowed grass and sunshiny days – perfect for the upcoming winter months. The color, bright enough to be a vibrantly neon hue, seems to work with a variety of palettes and styles, making it a bold new neutral option for the interior decorator. The color and others like it  – sky blue, sunflower yellow – are distinct enough from their primary and pastel cousins that they seem fresh, but are so fresh that they evoke the feeling of a clean slate. Natural, organic vibes. Whether it’s the fibers that make up your couch or bed, or the color of the frames you display on your walls, be on the lookout for natural and organic vibes in modern design trends for 2017. Along with the idea of using bamboo in the dining room, coarse cotton in the bedroom, or terra cotta in the kitchen, the natural organic vibe can also be seen in the way that some designers are hyping up indoor/outdoor mixed use spaces – rooms that have French doors or gallery doors which can open to the outside without a stark contrast between the indoors and the outdoors. Think garden party, but in your living room. Let the raw elements thrive! Smart homes. Technology is everywhere, and while it is not something typically associate with a design element, it does play a factor in the shape and style of some of our home’s elements. Designing around eco-friendly elements such as remote air temperature control or smart appliances definitely gives a home a modern feel. Don’t believe us? Just ask Siri or Cordana! Fancy, fabric-focused headboards. For a while now, raw elements like driftwood or stone have held a place of honor at the head of the bed- but this year, designers are turning to fabric and looking to the past to create new, modern headboard designs. Upholstered headboards with deep inset buttons are already appearing on design blogs and showroom floors. Pretty soon, you’ll see them everywhere. The deep upholstered headboard gives a depth and elegance to even the most simple of bedroom designs!