Modern Trends: Artistic Wallpaper

Creating a beautiful room requires paying attention to elements big and small, from the light fixtures to the flooring. One of the elements of a room that can go furthest in setting a tone is the wall covering. For a period in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, walls were laid bare. Minimalistic, rough-hewn edges and neutral colors took over many spaces. Wallpaper, which had graced rooms throughout the country for decades, was suddenly out of style, and homemakers and designers were ripping the stuff off of every surface. Good news for wallpaper, however – it’s back! The stylish surface cover is so versatile and such a cost-effective way to transform a room, it’s a wonder that it ever went out of style! These days, wallpaper or back – but with a twist. It’s no longer the tiny florals or geometrics patterns of the past. Wallpaper in the late 2010’s is another design element altogether. Large panels of abstract prints or classic shapes, often in shades of cream and metallic, are more likely to adorn walls these days. Makeover your living room with one easy step – by wallpapering. Pick an element that is not too overpowering in the room, such as a small décor piece or a color palette, and build from there. Modern wallpaper is distinguished from the olden wallpaper designs in a few distinct ways, but the most obvious is aesthetics. Wallpaper of the past served a practical purpose – covering up old designs after moving into a new home, changing the décor for a child’s room as they age, or even setting the tone in a dining room. Today, wallpaper is often frivolous, a design element that isn’t fundamental to the room, but which transforms the room from a place of pure function to a more artistic space. The modern trend toward artistic wallpaper means most rooms aren’t off-limits – bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms alike can be wallpapered just like a living room space. Bathrooms with artistic wallpaper designs can get especially creative, even mixing textured paper in with the other design elements. Wallpaper in the kitchen can play off backsplash. In other living spaces, like bedrooms or the dining area, wallpaper can be used to create a focal point by just papering one wall, and painting the others a compatible shade. One of the most versatile décor elements out there, wallpapering requires less work to restructure a room than painting or resurfacing walls. Adding modern, artistic wallpaper patterns like a metallic chevron or a big, bold painting will transform a space – and will allow for a future change! Get started with your wallpapering efforts by choosing shapes that appeal to you, or patterns that don’t seem too overwhelming. When it comes to modern, artistic wallpaper, the possibilities are endless!