Dramatic Drapes: How to Make your Windows look Elegant with Drapery

Dramatic Drapes and When to Use them

Nothing makes a room more elegant than the use of beautifully designed drapes in a room.  If you are considering investing in a pair of drapes then read on for more information about dressing your windows in this artistic and graceful manner. What’s the Difference? Often people believe there is no distinction between curtains and drapes; however that is simply not true. Curtains and curtain panels are one of the same. They do not usually have a lining and tend to be in place by way of a rod, fixed on using tabs. They are often lightweight and can be decorative as opposed to functional. Their length varies depending on their need, and they are opened and closed by hand. Drapes on the other hand are lined. This means they keep things like light, temperature and noise out more efficiently. They flow all the way to the floor, and are usually affixed by hooks to a traverse rod.  They can also be closed using a draw chord. Drapes are also seen as more functional, formal and sophisticated, and are often pleated. Why Drapes? Drapes can be a stylish addition to any room.  Color, texture, pattern and material play a big part in the overall look; contrasting colors in light fabric bring a fresh energy to a room, dark silk drapes add notes of luxury and class. Use your drapes as a feature within your room to tie the whole design together.  A busy pattern can accent subtle tones in the interior, further complemented by the use of throws, cushions and ornaments. Neutral tones can still add drama whilst keeping the space open and without being overwhelming.  In short, drapes can alter the entire vibe and energy of a space and should not be overlooked when you are in the decorating process. They make a room unique, chic and timeless. Are Drapes the Right Choice for Me? Drapes work in pretty much any space, however it is better if you do not have radiators or furniture near the windows, as this ruins the natural flow of the material – and you of course would prefer them to be ground length. Drapes can also be lined with blackout material for bedrooms, making them both a functional and fashionable option.  You can have drapes custom made or purchase them in store, just ensure the material is of high quality so they will last long into your home’s future.