Is Hardwood Flooring Worth the Extra Cost?

Ah this is the ultimate homeowner debate.. Is that hardwood really worth it? This is such a tough question to answer because every homeowner is different. Here are some pros and cons to whether hardwood is worth the extra cost. Here are some noteworthy cons that might make you think twice before you install hardwood into your home. The price is definitely more than laminate. It is said that the installation alone is double times the amount. That is quite the difference if you’re asking us. The similarities are barely noticeable. Hardwood floors are lovely, but if you can barely tell the difference between real and laminate then why spend double the money? Unless you are an expert on hardwood floors, then we highly doubt you’ll be able to walk into a home and point out the difference between the two. Laminate is also a very durable material. Because it is formed from pressed wood it is easier to clean and combats things like moisture, wear and tear, and mold better than real hardwood. Here are some pros that we think are also worth mentioning. Hardwood floors are absolutely stunning. Hardwood flooring is also easy to salvage if there was a scratch or if the wood were to have an imperfection. All you have to do then is sand it and re-stain the area. This perk makes having hardwood floors more promising if you are looking for a long term solution for your flooring. Hardwood last for many many years. When it comes to deciding whether hardwood is really worth it or not, it is something that you have to decide as the homeowner. You should take into consideration not only the cost, but your lifestyle. If you have a full house with animals and kids running around then you might want to consider laminate for the time being. You will get the same impact but with a flooring that will match your needs. And if you live a lifestyle where you don’t have to worry about spills or scratches then you might consider getting real hardwood. Either way, it’s a great choice!