How to Restore Light-Colored Carpet

Have you ever seen those amazing carpet cleaners that can erase a years worth of dirt from your carpet in just seconds? Those commercials are fascinating. But you also have to wonder how in the world the homeowner let it get that bad. Sometimes it is not the homeowners fault though. Sometimes you are brought into a situation where the carpet is already like that, for example, if you just bought the home. If this is the case you might find yourself buying one of those magic carpet cleaners and gazing at the undeniable before and afters of your carpet. Getting a magic working carpet cleaner can be a great solution and an even better solution to saving money. When you don’t want to replace all of your flooring, the carpet cleaner can be a lifesaver. You can restore your light-colored carpet within a weekend and have amazing results. Once you restore your carpet you will be able to put into practice many stain fighting solutions so that you only have do a big carpet cleaning maybe once or twice a year. Once you have used the big carpet cleaner you can learn how to maintain the results by putting these tips into practice. When you are working with a smaller surface area of stain there are multiple remedies you can use to get rid of it, but first you must know some basic facts. With any stain you want to work on removing it from the outside in. This is a great way to contain the stain as you go. You will want to blot the stain away rather than scrubbing it. Scrubbing a stain away on carpet puts you at risk for the stain leaking in through the carpet fibers, which will make it seem the stain never truly goes away. Depending on what was spilled and on what surface, there may be a different solution. You wouldn’t want to treat a red wine spill the same as a milk spot, would you? Do your research and find the best solution before you go after a stain and make it worse… but on the other hand don’t wait too long before you clean up a stain because you don’t want it to become permanent.