How to Find a Flooring Installation Company

After you’ve picked out your beautiful new flooring, it’s time to consider who will install it for you.  You want to be sure that the installer is an insured professional with references to set up your job for success.  There are many people who claim to be able to install flooring, so how do you find the best one? Many big box stores such as Lowes or Home Depot will have licensed contractors that they will recommend.  They’ll connect you with a professional who can come over, do measurements, and discuss your flooring installation needs with you.  This is a great option, especially if you purchased your flooring from those companies. Many smaller flooring companies will also have a list of recommended installers that you can choose from. If your flooring company doesn’t have any recommendations, there are websites that you can use to research installers.  Be sure that you are only considering installers that have references and are insured. These professionals may cost a bit more than the other guys, but the final result will always be better, and you’re paying for peace of mind.  You don’t want to end up with a half-finished job, or a floor that wasn’t installed properly and will have to be replaced in the future. Sites such as Angie’s List or are great places to look at the options and get those referrals from real customers. Another option is to post your job on a site such as Craigslist or in the local newspaper.  Installers can contact you to set up an appointment to discuss your needs, and you can ask for references and confirm they are insured at that time.  With this option, you may have less ability to immediately filter out undesirable installers, but you will receive more options and have the ability to check their references at your leisure. No matter which method you use, be sure to do your research and confirm that the installer is very familiar with the type of flooring that is being installed.  All flooring is installed a bit differently, so an installer that is familiar with carpet installation may not necessarily be a professional tile installer.