Can You Install Carpet Over a Tile Floor?

Tile floor has its advantages, but sometimes a room just needs a carpet!  This may seem like a daunting task, though. A big question is whether or not the tile needs to be removed before the carpet can be installed, and the answer is…no! However, there is some prep work that will need to be done.  Cut the tile out from the perimeter of the room to get it ready for carpet.  Cut a strip of tile out wide enough to accommodate a carpet tack strip, and then carefully install the tack strip around the outside of the room.  Secure them with masonry nails and be sure to secure the joints where they come together with a nail. Be sure you can secure the tack into the subfloor.  The carpet tack has to be secure, because that’s what is securing your carpet and preventing bubbles and ripples for a successful installation. Once your carpet tack is securely installed, the carpet pad and carpet can be installed.  It needs to be cut into sections and stretched onto the carpet tack and secured. There are special tools that you can rent or purchase to help with this process – you want to be sure it’s stretched enough that it won’t bubble up later on with use or when you move something across it. If these steps seem a bit overwhelming, a professional carpet installer can take care of them for you for a fee. Paying an installer to take care of this job for you will insure that your floor looks great and will save you the potential hassle and expense of having to have the carpet installed again at a later date because it came up.  Carpet installation can be a bit more involved than other installations, and require specialized tools and some experience, so hiring an installer may be the way to go.