Green Living: Sustainable Materials for Renovation

  Every home is different and this means that when approaching remodeling projects, every approach in detail will be different as well. This being said, there are a few variations to consider that will make the process far easier to manage. When it comes to green living, sustainable materials for renovation aren’t the only things you’ll want to consider.
  • Passive designing
This concept is key when remodeling a house in a way that is more environmentally conscious. It uses the physical design of the house and comprehension of the different seasonal weather patterns to allow you to minimize the need for artificial heating and cooling year round. It focuses on using materials that will naturally absorb or deflect light and heat energy to keep you comfortable and exerting less energy in keeping your home at its optimal temperature. For example, concrete slab flooring or walls may be used to capture and hold the heat from the sun, allowing you to keep your thermostat at a lower degree.
  • Recycling is key
Certain materials can be used from past demolition which will also allow you to minimize waste. When you’re designing your new space you’ll want to be sure to choose materials that have a longevity as well as using renewable resources for the majority of your build. Buying locally can also help to minimize the distances materials will have to travel thus minimizing carbon emissions by way of shrinking the need to use oil or gasoline for the transportation.
  • Do your research
Be sure that when you’re choosing materials and searching for different ways of renovating that you’re making yourself as aware of what is being used as possible. If you are knowledgeable, you’ll be able to make informed decisions surrounding what materials will be used as well as figuring out what material will work best for you in your home. In paying attention to what your designers and those assisting you are suggesting, you’ll be able to make sure that your best interest, as well as the environment, is being considered at all times. Keeping you green and ready to remodel in the most sustainable way possible.