Long-Term Maintenance Tips for Cabinetry

Whether your cabinetry is new or old, you want to make sure you take care of it. We all know a kitchen makeover is more money than anyone would really want to spend so keeping your kitchen cabinetry in its best condition can be a make or break. Everyday maintenance to help keep your cabinetry in the best shape possible is easier than you think. At the end of each day, or let’s be real here… At least twice a week, grab a damp washcloth and wipe down your counters from all the grime build up, like water spots, splatters, and spills. This will help keep that fresh look last even longer. Cooking oils, vapors and steam can be cleaned the same way except you will want to add a touch of dish soap. Now that we’ve gone over what you can do in your everyday routine to make your kitchen shine long-term, we want to give you some tips on how to really ramp it up with some secret tips that we’re sure are used in those beautiful kitchens pictured on Pinterest. First, remember to use a soft cloth. You will never want to wash or clean your cabinetry with a harsh scrubber. Something else you may not know is that you should avoid using bleach or anything with high alcohol content like nail polish remover. Lastly, remember to take care of the cloths that you use. You don’t want to leave your damp cloth on your cabinetry because it could actually damage it. When it comes to your kitchen hardware you couldn’t ask for easier maintenance, but the sad thing is, is that people don’t think about doing this part. It is usually skipped and it will eventually show. Kitchen hardware, such as cabinetry handles and knobs, is the finishing touches to your beautiful kitchen that you don’t want to forget about. All you have to do to get rid of the buildup of grime and cooking oils is simple, just unscrew them from the cabinetry and soak them in warm water with a splash of dish soap. After a few minutes, wipe the hardware clean and reattach. Then watch your kitchen shine!