Buying Guide to Outdoor Flooring

Outdoor spaces can be perfect for weekend get-togethers or it can be your weak end when it comes to weekends. Don’t let this happen. Spending time outside during the summer and even during fall can bring a lot of good memories. You might have a grill and some outdoor furniture, but nothing matters quite as much as the flooring. We know that it may seem like a small thing to think about when you’re out grilling some burgers, but if you don’t have a strong, sturdy foundation then there is going to be nowhere to dance… right?! So here are some tips from the experts on what to look for when purchasing your outdoor furniture. One, how frequent are you going to have to replace it? Be particular in how often you will have to replace your flooring outside. When you have an outdoor space that is exposed to all of nature’s changes you have to be mindful of what will survive the long haul. A lot of outdoor spaces that bear the crushing cold winters won’t last as long as flooring that bears the heat in southern Florida, as a matter of fact, there probably are two different floorings for both climates. So, be mindful of your environment when shopping. One of our favorite floorings to suggest would be stone for your outdoor space. Stone decking can handle the winter, the warmth, and a good party. Two, consider your budget. There are so many different choices out there these days that you can really get swept away in the choosing. So, before you go to the store be sure to set a thought-out budget of what you are willing to spend and then give yourself some wiggle room. Usually looking at product strictly under budget is a great way to ensure you don’t get shiny object syndrome. Being able to only afford wood and then considering a stone decking can really cost you in the end. When you consider your budget, you have to also look at the surface area you are looking to cover. For example, a one-thousand-dollar budget can get you some really nice material if it is only covering a small square footage, but if it is a large area you don’t want to pick a higher priced material before it’s too late.