Drapes for your Bathroom

Bathrooms can be a bit more of challenge than other parts of your home to redecorate. They are well-known to require a larger budget (thanks to the plumbing involved) and to place more strain on materials due to the ongoing humidity. You also need to consider your window treatment carefully – after all you want something that will contend with the water and let in light, as well as providing you with enough privacy. That doesn’t mean that all style needs to go out the window – thankfully drapes come in such a huge range of colors, patterns, and materials, you’ll easily be able to find several options to serve your bathroom.


Probably more than any other room, your bathroom window treatment must protect your privacy. Drapes are a great option, as long as they’re done in the right way. People often enjoy a lot of natural light in the bathroom, so half drapes or valances are a popular choice to balance both of these requirements. It also means you can have the drapes ‘drawn’ and don’t have to mess around with opening and closing them every time someone needs to use the bathroom.


With the amount of moisture in the air (especially in a full bathroom) you shouldn’t use any material which is likely to be affected. Consider vinyl drapes (which aren’t susceptible to mold and are very easy to clean), cottons, or blends, depending on your budget and preference.

Patterns and Colors

Many homeowners often feel more comfortable playing with bolder patterns and colors in the bathroom as opposed to the bedroom or living room. Patterns work fabulously on drapes in the bathroom – especially if you don’t opt for full sized. They can be a striking focal point to the room and frame the area beautifully.