2019 Trends for your Bedroom

As 2019 begins, you might be considering a new look for one of the most important places in your home – you bedroom! A place of comfort, privacy, and slumber, the bedroom is a great starting point if you’re in the mood to redecorate, but don’t want to have to deal with electric or plumbing. This usually makes the process a great deal cheaper and less stressful, leaving you to just enjoy yourself and channel your inner interior designer. So what trends can we expect for this year in the bedroom department? Read on for some tips on upcoming trends:

Dark Hardwood

Dark hardwood has been making waves of late, and it’s dramatic aesthetic makes it the ideal choice for a luxurious bedroom. As dark wood shows more scratches and dirt than light, it’s better to reserve it for the bedroom as it sees way less foot traffic, so you can afford to go for a more striking shade.

Natural Woven Rugs

Rugs in a bedroom are a must! The bedroom often serves multiple purposes, and as such you can use rugs to suggest different areas. Not only that, they’re incredibly cozy and comfortable – which is what your bedroom should be! Natural rugs have been popular for a while now, and as such are being offered in more and more varieties. Look into mixed options (such as jute and chenille) to find the softest option underfoot. Remember you don’t necessarily need a super durable material – you can err on the side of luxury, this isn’t your hallway after all.

Layering Drapes and Curtains

The type of window treatment you want in your bedroom is 100 percent based on your needs as a sleeper. Do you want to block out light, or do you need the sun to wake you in the morning? Maybe you want pitch black in the evening but welcome natural light in the day. Then there’s the privacy aspect to consider. 2019 is all about layers, so use it to your advantage. Think jewel tone, opaque panels with a heavier, opulent material for your drapes. Jewel tones are very in this season, but they can be visually demanding. Having them in a lighter material can soften their impact.