Drapes for your Living Room

Drapes are the perfect choice for your living room. They not only contribute on an aesthetic level, they make a room immediately cozier. Then there are the more practical aspects; drapes do a great job of blocking out sound, light, cold, and give you and your family the privacy you need.


Functionality should always be your main concern – after all you might have the most beautiful, ornate drapes around but if they don’t offer any warmth or let the light in so much you can’t see the television, you’re in trouble. A lot of drapes are designed with various applications in mind, as such you can get blackout material (popular in the bedroom) or heavily lined. Think about where your living room faces, and about how much natural light you want. This can help to inform your decision when faced with so many options.


Next you should consider what color and/or print you want. The great thing about drapes is they’re so popular, and so they are countless different shades, hues, and patterns to choose from. Take some samples of materials home and see how they suit the decor. Lighter drapes tend to let more light in, but darker ones can be too demanding of the space visually. When it comes to patterns if you’re not ready for a fully patterned drape, remember you can always layer your drapes with bolder curtains. Neutrals are always a good choice as they can suit many different decors and can be reused in different rooms when you decide to redecorate again.


Lining your drapes will provide you with the functionality you need, but what material should your drapes be? In the living room you might want to keep things light and simple and opt for cotton, or if you’re feeling more luxurious you could also think about silks and velvets.