How to Do Distressed Hardwood Floors the Right Way

Distressing your floors is one of the more popular trends we are seeing. This is a great way to make your home or place of business feel more vintage and lived in. Although we don’t recommend it for fresh floors because you don’t want the value to depreciate, we do love this option for a flooring that has seen better days. It is an easy way to save some money and add character to your home. You may think distressing your floors will be an easy day project, but you are wrong there. Distressing your floors the right way will take time and patience. Here are a few tips that we think could help you get this project done in a timely manner and in the right way. Some of the easiest woods to distress include bamboo, pine and oak. Other woods you will find have a thicker coating on top which will make it more time consuming to achieve your distressed vision. When it comes time to distress the wood you can use tools like a wire brush, high-heeled shoes, metal linked chains or even a pellet gun. Get creative because as long as your tool of choice can cause a little bit of damage to the floor than it is a good pick! When it comes to distressing the floors you want to make sure that you pick your tool of choice wisely. You don’t want to pick something to distress your floors with and then realize halfway through that it is too hard to use. You want your floors to look consistent throughout your entire home. Lastly, finish it up! You will want to go over your distressed look with a sander and sand down any areas that may have come up while distressing. You don’t want to walk around and find splinter pieces. After you do this step you can wipe down the floors and roll on your stain to seal the wood.