Creative Tile Styles to Use in Your Bathroom

When it comes to renovating your bathroom you have to be wise and be creative. It definitely can be an overwhelming task for someone who is not a designer. Besides kitchens, bathrooms are the only other place in the house that you will see a return on your investment… if you do it right. We want to give you a few ideas on how to make your bathroom pop with creative tiling options. Want to add a punch of color? We love the idea of adding a design feature wall of tiles in your shower. To make this design feature really work though you should have a shower that has glass shower doors. This will give you and your guest the ability to see through and notice the design pop! Now when you add a pop of color, you still want to make sure that it is appealing to majority of people just in the case you resell the house it will be added value. You can add this color to the tile wall and make a pattern, switching colors every other row for example. You can use bathroom tile in your favor when it comes to bigger bathrooms. We don’t suggest this tip for a smaller bathroom because it might be too busy and make the space feel smaller. Adding a feature to the floor is a risk that almost always pays off in bigger modern homes. If you have a large enough bathroom to pull it off you can add a different tile flooring to make it look like there is a rug in the space. For example, if you have big porcelain pieces on the outside of your bathroom and then small beehive pattern in a square in the middle it will give the illusion that you have a rug.  And we all know that rugs help make a room feel more intimate.