What Are the Different Kinds of Home Flooring Available?

When choosing flooring for your home, you’ll find that there are several available options that range in price, style, durability, and purpose.  To choose the best one for your home, you’ll need to decide on the functionality, budget, and look that you want. Wood flooring comes in a variety of options. It’s popular with many homeowners for its beauty and versatility.  Wood flooring can come in different plank widths, grains, and colors. It can add warmth to your home and is fairly easy to install with the right tools.  The price will depend on what type of wood you choose, and there are many options out there for the perfect look. If you would like more durability than wood with the same type of warmth and look, engineered flooring may be your best choice.  Engineered wood flooring has the same look as wood, as the top layer is wood with a plywood or recycled material backing. It’s less susceptible to climate changes and can be a bit more durable than regular wood flooring. Laminate flooring is a perfect choice for those who want water-resistance, durability, and an easy installation.  Laminate flooring is available in several styles, including planks that mimic the look and texture of wood. It has grooves on the side that allow it to click together for a quick install over a thin underlayer and can be installed over many types of flooring. Depending on the finish, laminate can also be a more affordable option. Carpet is a popular choice for those who want warmth and sound-dampening in a space.  There are more options now than ever, including varying colors, textures, patterns, and even fiber types to work the best in the space you have.  Carpeting is now available in tiles, as well, so a homeowner can easily remove a soiled tile and replace it with a new one instead of having to remove the entire room of carpeting.  It’s best installed by professionals, and most brands and styles will hold up under several years of normal use. Stone and ceramic tile are also great options and are water-resistant.  They can lend a rustic look to a home or add charm to a bathroom or kitchen.  Popular because of its durability and ease of maintenance, tile can be a little more difficult to install and the pricing will vary according to the pattern and material that is being used. With so many options out there, talk to your flooring professional to determine the best choice for your needs and design of your home.