Can You Paint or Epoxy a Cork Floor?

Cork floors can be great, but not that versatile in the style department.  Many homeowners would like to freshen up the look of their cork floors with paint or an epoxy but should be aware that it may not work out like they would like. Cork floors can be painted, but there is some prep work involved.  Most cork floors will have a finished surface that should be sanded down and leveled before any type of paint is applied.  Test a small, inconspicuous area first to make sure the paint will apply evenly and stick to the surface after it dries. When choosing paint, choose a type made for flooring or outdoor use so that it will be more durable and hold up to the abuse that a floor can take. If the small area works out well, and you’re satisfied with the color and application, sand down and even out the entire floor and be sure to clean it well to remove all the bits and dust that will stick to your paint.  Once the floor is clear of debris, apply multiple coats of paint to cover evenly and thoroughly, being sure to allow the paint to dry between each application. Epoxy can be applied over the paint once it has set and cured but putting epoxy directly on the cork surface can cause it to become brittle and crack over time.  Due to the absorbent and soft nature of cork, the epoxy may not set evenly which will cause problems down the road. Sealing it with paint first can help prevent this issue.  If using epoxy, be very certain that the floor has been leveled and cleaned. If the floor has any dips or slants, the epoxy will not set correctly, and it can cause it to crack or look unsightly. Consult your flooring professionals for more advice on using paint and epoxy on your cork floor.  It may be a good idea to ditch the DIY idea and hire a professional who can do the work for you and is insured for it to look great in the end.