What Flooring Goes with Cherry Cabinets?

So, you have some gorgeous cherry cabinets and want to choose a flooring option that will compliment their natural beauty and tie your kitchen look together.  The good news is that there are several options to choose from, and your choice will depend only on your budget and style. Cherry cabinets have a warm tone that is often red-based. Since you’ll be installing a kitchen floor, be aware that wood options take a beating in kitchens.  It’s a natural high-traffic and high-moisture area, and softer woods won’t be able to hold up as well. Choose a tougher hardwood option that contrasts with the beautiful color in your cabinets or choose a more exotic flooring such as bamboo or cork in a darker or lighter finish. Laminate flooring comes in a variety of styles and colors that you can choose to compliment your cabinetry and is naturally more durable and water-resistant than hardwoods.  This makes it a great choice to get the look of hardwood without the disadvantages. The cost of laminate is often less than that of hardwood, as well. Tile and vinyl are traditional kitchen flooring choices, and they also come in a variety of patterns and colors.  A gorgeous travertine would compliment the cherry color of your cabinets, and also be durable and water resistant to hold up to everyday kitchen abuse.  Vinyl flooring can be engineered to look like wood, has the water-resistant properties, is resistant to staining and wear, and is more comfortable to walk on and stand on than tile.  Choose a pattern in a darker or lighter color to contrast with the warm tones of your cabinets. No matter what your preference, there is a flooring style that will be perfect to compliment your cherry cabinets.  Whatever flooring option you choose, be sure that the color option is warm or neutral, and not a cool color base. The warmer tones of your floor will best compliment the warm tones of your beautiful cabinets.