Designing the Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

Turning your house into a home is no easy feat. Deciding what style is best for you can be difficult and with ever changing trends it can feel difficult to lock one down that will withstand the test of time. One of the most evergreen concepts is inspired by farmhouses. Whether you live on an actual farm, or simply enjoy the aesthetical concept, here are a few ways of designing the perfect farmhouse kitchen: 1. Neutrals: To begin your farmhouse kitchen you’ll want to choose a color pallet. Typically, the best way to go is as neutral as possible. Sticking with white or eggshell bases and minimal pops of color throughout will keep your space looking open and fresh. The white allows you to take your decorating in whatever direction you want as well as allows you flexibility down the road should you choose to redesign or switch up your initial décor choices. 2.Copper accent pieces: While this has recently become popularized, copper accent pieces have always been a classy finish in a farmhouse style of décor. Whether it’s in your lighting fixtures or cabinet handles, the small pop of color will add a rustic element to your kitchen. 3.Natural wood flooring: Whether you opt for dark or light tones in wood, this is the perfect way to tie your room together. Not only is natural wood flooring easy to clean, but it also lasts for a long time and makes your rustic kitchen keep a sense of class. The upside of wood flooring is that should you even choose to redesign your space, the flooring tends to match everything. 4.Windows are your friend: While this can be a pricey aspect in designing a kitchen, having multiple windows in your kitchen will allow the natural light to compliment your space perfectly. This with colorful window treatments will give your kitchen that pop of color you need.