Best Designs for Bookshelf Cabinets

Adding bookshelf cabinets to your home can be a great way to add character and a personal touch. Bookshelves can be done right or they can turn out really wrong. You want to keep your standards high when it comes to adding semi-permanent shelving to your home. So together, let’s make the most of our bookshelf cabinets. Some of the best designs we have seen for bookshelf cabinets are where you least expect it. We like the look of having extra storage space below a stairwell or extra storage on the stairwell landing upstairs. Great bookshelves come in all shapes and sizes. We do have to say that when you are adding them to your home you want to install them in a way that will keep the room balanced and keep it from being weighed down. To keep the room balanced we simply mean if you’re adding a bookshelf next to your fireplace, then it would be ideal if you had one on the other side as well. Keeping your room balanced helps keep the space feeling warm and inviting rather than someone having a random idea of including a bookshelf on one side. To keep your living space from being “weighed down” you should look at your decorations. Now what we are about to suggest is for home buyers who want some extra storage and a bit of a design feature. If you are a collector of books, please ignore the following. When it comes to adding design to a room you want to keep the shelves scarce with big bulky items. A great thing we learned from designer Joanna Gaines is that you should design your shelves with a zigzag pattern. If the top shelf on the left side have books and on the right have an art piece then on the shelf below, vice-verse. A great way to add design!