Curtains and Window Treatments that Allow Natural Lighting

Choosing what kind of window treatments are right for your home can be a difficult task. Often times people go with treatments that block out much of the natural light and inadvertently make their space seem smaller and colder. Instead of that, try a few more forgiving curtain and window treatments that allow natural lighting. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 1.Sheer drapes: This is a wonderful option because not only are you letting in light, but with how you drape them you can also create movement in your space as well. Whether you leave them tumbling to the floor, or gather them so it hangs gracefully over half of the window, the soft light that comes through will automatically warm up your space making it seem even more like a home than it already does. 2.Woven woods: These are wonderful alternatives to black out curtains. They have texture and come in multiple colors, but also allow just the right amount of light to come through keeping the ambiance of your room sublime. The waterfall style is common due to its conveniently retractable feature which allows you to let even more light in for those particularly nice days. You’ll be itching to relax in your newly dressed space. 3.Solar shades: These are a great eco-friendly option to take on. By going with a white or cream type of color in shade, your room will stay bright while also protecting you from harmful UV rays. They also absorb heat so your cooling bill during warmer months will stay lower than usual. While you don’t have to have them all the way down all of the time, when you do you can have extra peace of mind knowing that it’s a protective layer as well as a beautiful looking addition.