3 Most Popular Types of Roman Shades

Finding the right window treatments for your space can be a difficult task. There are so many different styles of drapery and shades out there that it can feel like a daunting task to even begin looking. One of the most popular styles of window treatments are Roman shades. They offer you the option of completely blacking out a room should they be lowered all the way, or you can raise them adding an edgy look to your space as well as allowing natural light to flood in. Here are three of the most popular types of Roman shades: 1. The flat shade: This one means exactly what it sounds like in that the shade will sit flush against the window when completely lowered. This offers a clean-cut look that will immediately elevate the style of a room. Often times this is a great option for bedrooms as the flat nature of the shade completely blacks out any of the outside like that could get in. 2.Embellished bottoms: This particular version of the Roman shade allows for even more personal style to shine through. While the basic structure of the shade is still there, there is some sort of embellishment on the lowest panel. This makes the look of the shade beautiful whether it’s lowered or raised as you will always be able to see the embellishment, making it a great accent piece for any room. Whether you air on the side of jewels or intricate stitching, your treatment will be a wonderful addition. 3.Cordless: This makes the shade itself safer for those who have families and young children to worry about. Often times people get nervous that a child could get ahold of the cord to the window treatment. With this style, that’s no longer something to worry about. Instead, you’ll have a beautiful accent piece that’s safe for all homeowners.