4 Rules of Interior Design that Apply to Every Room

Just like how some people don’t have a green thumb, some don’t have an interior thumb. We have put together some blog post, more than just one, for those looking for a solution without hiring an interior designer. We put together a list of important “go-to” rules when it comes to designing a space to help some people out.

1. Keep it “you”

When designing a space in your home you want to stay true to your personality. Different houses have different energy space and decor, and that is because we are all not the same, and that’s okay! Go with what you like and play off of it. If you like rustic touches, but add bright colors to your home in every room. It may not feel like home to you.

2. Keep it minimalistic

Have you ever been in someone’s home that is just cramped? There is stuff everywhere and it immediately causes your breath to quicken because of how little space there is to move around? Living a minimalistic life is not only great for your health and your finances, but it also helps keep your home warm and inviting. If you find yourself hoarding unnecessary things check out the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo where she will teach you different practices to help you live a minimalistic life.

3. Stay consistent

Along with keeping it minimalistic, you want to keep your space simple and flowy. How do you keep your house feeling like it works perfectly together? Well, one way to do this is to keep similar in “theme”. Meaning, if you have a bright and loud home then you don’t want to add in a living room that is dark and unwelcoming.

4. Have fun!

We know that when it comes to design people may think that it is more stressful than fun, but it shouldn’t be. Nothing is too permanent and when it comes to your home, you can change it up as much as you want. So don’t overstress it, change the paint color if you don’t like it and remember your home is just a reflection of you! Those are some of our favorite tips when planning an interior space in your home. Hopefully, we’ve given you more confidence to move forward in designing your home!