Should My Countertops Match My Flooring?

Decorating your kitchen is full of important decisions: what flooring material should you opt for, what color walls, what style of cabinet, what layout? One question you might be struggling with is if your countertops should match your flooring. Each home and owner is different, but it’s often advised to at least have these two parts of your kitchen complement each other as they command so much of the visual space.


Monochromatic kitchen designs have the focus on two main colors, and they work in a variety of different spaces and styles (though they tend to lend themselves to modern and industrial-inspired rooms). If this is the case, it’s advised to match your countertops with your floor perfectly, so your cabinets can play a supporting act. This helps to break up the two elements, with the cabinets offering a welcome contrast.


Whilst monochromatic kitchens work for some homeowners, many people opt to have their countertops complement the flooring as opposed to matching them completely. This adds more depth and texture to the color palette, and allow you to be more expressive providing you with more choice. If you have your hearts set on a busy patterned countertop, it’s advisable to opt for a more plain flooring and vice versa. The same approach should be taken if you want to draw attention to an attractive part of your kitchen – for example if you have gorgeous, luxury tiled flooring complement it with a plain countertop to help gear the focus.


A good rule of thumb is to pick your countertop or flooring and then choose a shade or color to highlight. So if your countertop has flecks of eggshell in, try finding a floor which accentuates that.


When shopping you should always take a sample of colors and materials from your current or proposed kitchen so you can see how they work together. Many manufacturers will provide suggestions for backsplashes and other features in the correct color scheme.