Matching Your Drapes to Your Flooring

Picking your perfect curtains can be a labor of love – after all window treatments have a big role to play in both practicality and aesthetics. So how do you find your perfect pair of curtains? Take a look at our top tips….


The first factor you need to consider is what purpose your curtains are going to fulfill. Are they merely for decoration or will they need to block out light? If it’s the latter opt to have them lined, as this also helps with both light and temperature control. Also consider the material the lining should be – cotton is lighter, whereas anything heavier will block out more light.


There’s no denying it, curtains that are too small for the windows look terrible. No matter how much you love a set of curtains if they don’t come large enough to sufficiently cover the window and then some, look elsewhere. Always buy bigger if you’re not certain on size – you can get them hemmed if needed.

Color & Pattern

Curtains take up a great deal of visual space, so consider carefully the pattern and color of the material before committing to anything. You can certainly make a statement – take some samples home and see how they look with the current or prospective walls and furniture.


Curtains come in countless different fabrics, each one with their benefits and drawbacks. Materials like cotton are very easy to clean for example, whereas velvets are heavier and have a luxurious feel.


Hardware can often be an afterthought – but it shouldn’t be. Find hardware that matches your overall style whilst also doing a good job at its intended purpose. Design elements like hardware provide the finishing touches to a space, and can make a huge difference to a room.


Finally, experiment! Curtains are a great place to show your style and be adventurous – take this opportunity. Curtains can really set the tone for the space as a whole, so don’t make this decision on a whim. Shop around to find a pair of curtains that best suits your needs – and your style.