How to Shop for a Rug

A rug can be a very expressive feature of your decor – shopping for one should be a fun experience. It can be a little overwhelming when faced with all the different materials, patterns, lengths, colors, shapes, loops, and weights. Follow our easy guide below to streamline your shopping experience…

Measure & Layout

There’s no point getting your heart set on the wrong sized or shaped rug, so before you even consider any options, figure out your current layout, furniture, and size requirements. Rugs should always be larger than the furniture that lives on them, so measure the area you want your new rug to inhabit with great care before setting foot in a store. It might help to draw a quick floor plan in order to understand the dimensions of your room in more detail.


After size and shape, your next largest consideration is the material you want your new rug to be. There’s  a plethora of both natural and man-made fibers, and a lot of your decision will be based on both your budget and requirements. Wool is always a classic choice that has great longevity, as well as being soft underfoot and coming in a variety of patterns and sizes. It does come with a hefty price tag however. Then there are other natural fibers (like bamboo or seagrass) which work great with certain decor styles. Finally you have man-made materials (like nylon) which can be mixed with natural fibers if needed. Think about the amount of foot traffic as well as other external factors (like humidity), and pick a material based on your room’s needs.


Finally, we come to design. There are countless different designs to complement any decor types, and you can use your rug as something to add more character or blend with your current patterns and color schemes. Don’t be scared when it comes to vibrant patterns – a beautifully, well-made rug can be timeless.