Color Your Life: Gray Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is something that will never go out of style. With the class of the past always there influencing it, the look is one that will continue to withstand the test of time. This being said, there are always new ways to revamp a classic look into something a bit more modern. Finding different ways to color your life: gray hardwood floors are now the timeless addition you didn’t know you needed that’s all the rage right now in the interior design world. Every bit as cost efficient as regular hardwood, this is a great alternative that adds a little something extra to a space. The smoky and cool shades create a more urban energy and allow you so many different options as far as how to design the rest of the space. You can take it more modern and chic, pairing it with furniture that has hard edges and minimalist decor. Or you can make it a bit more classic and add rustic and vintage pieces to the area, warming it right up. Cool tones however have been making quite the comeback. They allow you to dip into a pallet of colors that is not often utilized when designing homes, making your space unique and personal. The gray flooring can add to this depth and while it is amazing when paired with cool tones, it’s still quite beautiful with warm ones. Its versatility is part of why it’s become so appealing to so many homeowners as of late. This being said, darker floors will always be a bit more difficult to clean and maintain. Stains and cuts are more visible and difficult to buff out and you tend to see every spec of dirt or grime that gets on them. This meaning you must clean them more often as well as be conscious of what other pieces you’re adding to the space. For instance, large area rugs can cut down on how much cleaning of the floor you’ll have to do versus open concept areas where your now darker flooring will be the center of attention and therefore require all of your attention in cleaning as well.