Three Easy Tips for Caring For Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is such a beautiful centerpiece of any home. With its classic and timeless look, you can’t go wrong with something like that. The look of hardwood will always be in but while it’s beautiful in nature, it also can be one of the more troublesome surfaces to maintain as it is prone to things like water damage, scratching, and discoloration over the years. There are quite a few ways to keep your hardwood floors looking vibrant and new that no longer require professional help. Here are three easy tips for caring for your hardwood floors:
  1. Have them professionally sealed when they’re installed: This is a huge step that you simply cannot afford to overlook when investing in hardwood flooring. Having them properly sealed will prevent you from dealing with potential issues for years to come. The sealant protects it against water damage, scratches, general wear and tear, and more. This will keep your floor looking fresh and new for years to come and should you run into issues down the road, simply look to reseal it.
  2. Clean them regularly: While this one seems a bit obvious, it’s also one that can get quickly overlooked. Being sure that your floors are regularly swept, cleaned, and polished is something that will keep them in top shape far past when they were predicted to need to be resealed. It may seem like tedious work at first but having a beautiful floor at the center of your space is something that will keep the rest of it looking well put together as well as give you a jumping off point for the rest of your interior decorating escapades.
  3. Protect it when moving furniture: Consider putting pads on the bottoms of harsh edges of beds or couches as you’re moving them. Beyond, this you may even want protection throughout your normal life with these pieces. Think about adding throw rugs to the ends of your bed to go under the feet. This helps to prevent scratching and discoloration from everyday use that you otherwise might not be able to avoid.