Choosing the Right Window Treatments for Your Home Design

Surprisingly enough, window treatments are not cheap. You would think they wouldn’t break the bank, but that’s not true. Window treatments these days are more and more expensive, but dressing your windows correctly can make your house a home. When you are choosing your window treatment you want to keep in mind the style of your home and how you want the space to feel. You also want to choose something that can be used throughout your home so it all feels like it flows nicely together. You want to make sure that the window treatments that you use are not too heavy. When making a space feel more like home and refreshed you don’t want to have heavy drapery weighing it down. You want to keep in mind the purpose of the specific room you are shopping for. You don’t want to put kitchen treatments in a bedroom, right? Keeping in mind that your treatments should match your room style, the color palette and the treatments purpose can help you choose wisely. And last but not least, you want to remember that natural light is so important in homes. So choose a treatment that is easy to open and close during the day to let all the natural light in. A bonus tip we have for you is to play with your window treatment length. If you have a smaller home without great big windows you want to play it up like you do. A lot of great designers use longer curtains to give the feel that the window is longer than it really is. By doing this you add the illusion of tall ceilings, making your space seem even more open. The same can be said for actual floor to ceiling windows too. Use it to your advantage and make your window treatments the focal point of your room.