2018 Flooring Trends for Beach Homes

We love flooring trends and we love them even more when the beach is involved. Beach homes are the first place you can go and find inspiration to feel relaxed and near the ocean. When you buy a beach home or rent one you have a certain expectation for design details and we want to keep you up to speed on exactly what those trends are. First, we have the mosaic tile look. This beautiful flooring will transport you to feel like you are right next to the ocean and can already start to smell the salt water. With mosaic flooring you can expect a home to be at the top of it’s game and the ultimate oasis. Mosaic flooring is one of the more expensive choices, but we can assure you that it is a great one. Second, porcelain tile. Porcelain tile is a great look that you can achieve for a bit less than the mosaic look, just based on the fact that you have less pieces to install and to buy. The porcelain tile helps keep your beach home bright and airy while giving your feet a nice cooling experience. It is a great floor to have on the beach to help you cool back down after being out in the sun. Porcelain tile adds a modern touch to your home by keeping it looking sleek. Thirdly, stove pavers. This flooring choice will help you bring the outside in. Stone pavers, like the ones you would find out on a patio, incorporated into your home can help you feel like you are outdoor living. Stone pavers also help hide any sand that you may drag in from the beach while giving the illusion that you are living on the beach with sand at your toes. It will also help keep your house nice and cool on those hot summer days.