What is The Best Type of Flooring for Schools?

When installing new flooring for schools, there are several factors to consider.  Budget, water-resistance, durability, and a long life. Depending on the goals of your school, and what types of use the floor will have, style and function are also important things to consider.  There are several options available that meet all those needs. For high-traffic areas that need to be easily maintained and cleaned, vinyl flooring is a great option.  It is easy to walk and stand on, cleans easily with detergent and water, and will hold up to quite a bit of foot traffic.  Vinyl flooring is fairly easy to install, and many have a lifetime warranty. They are stain and water resistant, and there are many styles and colors to choose from. Some schools choose carpeting as their favorite option for flooring.  That’s not the choice for everyone, though, as carpeting can stain easily and isn’t as easily maintained as other types of flooring.  However, carpet tiles are easily replaced, and can be a good option for classrooms where small children sit and play on the floor. Rubber flooring is another good option for classrooms where children might sit or play on the floor.  It can be laid in tiles, replaced easily, and can be cleaned and sanitized with no issues. Linoleum is a favorite choice of many schools because it can be installed on a grand scale and lasts a very long time with little maintenance.  It can be sanitized easily and is pretty durable to high traffic and the scraping of chairs and desks. Linoleum is available in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, and carpet tiles or rubber tiles can be laid over the top of it in classroom situations that require it. Discuss your school’s goals to decide which is the best option.  Any of the above will do well, but the perfect choice will depend on the purpose of the room, budget, and the needs of the students and administration.