Buying Guide to Butcher Block Countertops

Kitchen remodels can take up a lot of your time. Deciding on what flooring to go with and how to match that well with new countertops is seems impossible at first. A classic trend that has recently come back is butcher block countertops. These are the types of counters that are made out of wood so that you can safely chop and slice directly on them, doubling them as a work space as well as an accent piece in your kitchen. Here is a buying guide to butcher block countertops to make your purchase a little easier: There are many different kinds of wood to choose from so you’ll want to start there. Whether you opt for a classic oak or a more modern walnut, you’ll need to be sure your counter is sealed with either Waterlox or pure Tung oil. This will help it to be impermeable to water and keep your counter looking fresh longer. While the rest of your kitchen may be made up of metal appliances, your butcher block countertop will bring the warmth back into your kitchen. This being said, you don’t want to invest all of your remodeling money in your countertop space. Be sure to do your research and find a way to get the look you want within your price range. Keeping you and your bank account happy. As mentioned previously, you’ll need to seal and finish your butcher block to keep it long lasting. Pure Tung oil is a great option due it’s nontoxic nature as well as being an easy touch up solution. Should the countertop wear over time, you simply sand the surface and re-oil it for your good as new matte finish. However, opting for Waterlox will give you a more permanent finish. This one requires far less maintenance and is a great option around areas that are prone to water damage, like your sink area.