Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Kitchen

One of the hottest new trends to add on to your kitchen is the coffee bar. With coffee enthusiasts everywhere, it’s not surprising that the idea of having a specific station for coffee in your home has taken off. There are many ways to build a coffee bar in your home and often times it’s difficult to choose which is for you. Here are a few coffee bar ideas for your kitchen: Invest in a vintage cart or side table. This is a great staple piece for your kitchen that will work with the décor you already have. This particular technique allows you to keep the bar itself separate from the rest of your organization and allows all of the coffee fixings to live in their own space. Having one of these that’s also on wheels allows you to have the option of moving it around your kitchen as well as act as a mini island on wheels. Repurpose part of your kitchen counter. While this may not be the ideal way to have a coffee bar, it’s the next best thing. Take a corner of your kitchen that’s cluttered or not used as much and redesign it into the coffee bar of your dreams. Install a few hooks to hang mugs on, get a few small wooden cubby-like crates to organize, and before you know it your perfect coffee bar will manifest. This is a great option if your kitchen space isn’t all that large and you believe adding a cart would simply make it congested. Organization is key. While the idea of a coffee bar is great, it can quickly become just another area of clutter in your home. Keep things compartmentalized, devote a specific cupboard for all of the fixings, and keep your bar clean. This will keep you feeling like you have a small space for the coffee you love, without making your kitchen feel crowded.