Best Pet-Friendly Flooring Guide

If you love having pets and don’t want to compromise on your decor, there are several options to satisfy both you and your fluffy friend. Let’s look into the best pet-friendly floors:


Carpet is a great choice because there’s no chance of scratches – and of course your pet enjoys the comfort. Carpet additionally provides sound insulation so you don’t hear the tapping of paws noon and night. That being said, carpets are quick to collect pet hair and pose a risk of staining, so the material you choose really matters. If this is going to be a big concern, look into stain resistant carpets, designed with this issue in mind and have specialized products on hand. You should also look for carpets without loops so claws don’t have a chance to snag them.


Hardwood flooring is an expensive but attractive choice, and due to its lack of scratch resistance isn’t usually advised for pet lovers. If your heart is set on hardwood, the harder the better (think oak and walnut, not pine or chestnut). Look at the rating of the material, making sure it is over 1250, and opt for a urethane coating to protect it, cleaning up any accidents as soon as possible to avoid any lasting damage.


If you want the real wood ‘look’ without the hefty price, laminate is your new best friend. It’s very easy to clean and scratches are less visible than with hardwood. Ensure you get a textured material to reduce slipping. For hardwood and laminate you should purchase area rugs to provide traction and protection – especially in high traffic areas