Flooring Ideas and Inspiration

Flooring shouldn’t be an afterthought when designing your home; it alters the entire feel and energy of a room and is an important part of your overall decor. But how do you make a statement with your flooring choices? Take a look over the following inspirational ideas…


Texture often gets overlooked when it has a big impact not only on comfort, but also on the aesthetic of a room. Playing a big part in current trends, there are so many different types of texture to choose from – think distressed woods, woven rugs, and cut pile fibers.


Don’t just pick any old doormat – opting for a stylish piece sets the tone of your home straight of the bat. Doormats should ideally be a darker color in order to ensure their longevity, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the aesthetic. Look into elegant patterns in deep shades to make your doormat both functional and fashionable.


Don’t be scared of patterns, whether on carpet or tiles. You might be scared of looking too busy, but don’t let that limit you. Patterns help provide depth and contrast, so experiment – you might be surprised.


The great thing about modern flooring is you can get the look you want without the price tag. Bamboo, vinyl, concrete, and laminate can all imitate more expensive flooring options (hardwood or tile for example) at a fraction of the cost. Some are even engineered to be more durable than their pricier counterparts.

Clash of Colors

Color clashes aren’t just limited to your walls, try being bold by adding a patterned, bold, and bright area rug to liven a room up. You’re not just limited to soft materials; play around with statement tiles in your design to create a unique look.

Wonderful Walls

Decorating your walls with flooring is being more and more commonplace – especially for those who enjoy industrial, contemporary, and coastal decor. Create a statement by having one of your walls decked out in wood – you could even opt for reclaimed materials to add a vintage twist.