The Best Waterproof Flooring Options

Looking to give your bathroom a revamp and not sure which flooring options are best? In the past you may have been limited to a handful of choices, however nowadays there’s a plethora of styles and materials for every budget and  preference.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

A classic choice for a bathroom – and with good reason – ceramic and porcelain are both great options for waterproof flooring. The reason why they’ve been used for hundreds of years in this type of environment is because they can be glazed to very high temperatures, making it near on impossible to allow liquid to seep through. Tile is also low maintenance and very easy to care for. The drawbacks are minimal; however it can take a while to install and it’s not the most comforting underfoot.

Waterproof Carpet

A fairly new player on the flooring scene, waterproof carpet offers both comfort and practicality. There are several different companies which have designed specialized materials that are both stain and moisture resistant, so your bathroom can have a warm and cozy atmosphere without risking ruin. It can be on the pricier side, and ensure you look for waterproof carpet as opposed to water resistant.


In the past many homeowners have been nervous having laminate around moisture as it can be susceptible to warping. This makes it a bit of a risky option, however there are some new options that are way more durable than their predecessors. You can even buy a treatment for existing laminate to make it more water repellant – although if you’re remodelling it’s advisable to just buy a waterproof design. Advantages of laminate include easy installation, its ability to be fit over uneven subfloor, and its aesthetics. It unfortunately doesn’t have the longevity other types of flooring have, and as the water repellant variety is fairly new there isn’t a huge selection of styles to choose from.