How to Save Money On a Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom can be an expensive task to undertake, but by being smart and doing your research you can easily find ways to keep costs at a minimum. Bathrooms present a unique challenge thanks to their inherent complexities (plumbing, electric etc.) but that doesn’t mean that remodeling means you have to remortgage your home. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to inject new life into your bathroom without breaking the bank: Update instead of Replace You’d be surprised by how much a little love and care towards your original fixtures and fittings can go. Regrouting can make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic, and you don’t have to go the trouble and expense of ripping out and replacing tiles. Look into painting cabinets, replacing handles, and bathtub/sink refinishing. Keep Your Plumbing in Place If you opt to use your existing plumbing you’ll save yourself a great deal in the long run. Moving plumbing to relocate items such as your toilet and bath will not only be a huge task to undertake, it also bumps up the price of your remodel by around $5,000 on average. Look For Deals If you’re a keen bargain hunter make sure to hit the flea markets and thrift stores for interesting décor, lighting, and furniture. You might also be able to find leftover tiles as people often buy more than what they need – check local Facebook and Craigslist pages. If you find a good deal you can top up by buying the remainder directly from the store. Create a Focal Point Spend a little more on a focal point to have large impact without breaking the bank. Consider spending more on one large item which will draw the eye of visitors, such as a new countertop or an elegantly-framed mirror. Shop Around If you decide to get help for more complicated aspects of your remodel (such as plumbing, installations, and electrics) make sure you get a great service for a reasonable price. Check online for reviews and meet with several contractors to see what they can offer you. You should also check how long their warranty lasts.