Best Floors to Have When you Have Pets

Anyone who has a pet knows that as quickly as they come into our lives, fur babies become a part of the family. This being said, whether you’re shopping around for homes, or looking to remodel and design your own space, flooring is one of the first things you should be looking at. The best floors to have when you have pets are typically the floors that are the easiest to clean and the ones that take the least amount of wear. This often times also makes them the more expensive ones as well. Wood and bamboo flooring are great options for anyone with a pet. With the finished surfaces, they’re extremely easy to keep clean and so long as you’re adequate at training your pet, they shouldn’t obtain too much damage or wear throughout the years. Should they become damaged to your dissatisfaction at any point, it’s as simple as getting the space refinished. This however isn’t always the most cost-effective option to consider. Think about what kind of animal you have. Is it a small cat that probably won’t cause a lot of damage? Or a larger dog with nails that you’ll have to regularly keep up with to avoid scraping through the finish? These are great starter questions when picking flooring. Carpeting on the other hand can prove to be a bit of a headache. While in theory it should be just as efficient as hardwood so long as you have an adequate vacuum, in reality there’s a lot more to it. Carpets trap fibers, fur, bacteria, and other little bugs and germs that you may not be able to see your pet tracking in the house. This allows them to become a bit of a breeding ground for such things if not kept in check. Should you be contending with carpeted floors, but sure to thoroughly deep clean them a few times a year, if not once a month. Shampooing your rugs will keep them clean and not allow any bacteria to settle for too long in their fibers, keeping your pet (and you) happier and healthier in the long run.