Safest Floors to Have When you Have Small Children

Starting a family can be one of the most exciting parts of life. It also however, can be the most troublesome. When you have kids, you start to think about all of the small things that could affect them when they’re young and what you can do to minimize any such damage. One area you may not have considered is your flooring. Surprisingly, the safest floors to have when you have small children has been tested to be vinyl. Many people might believe that wood or bamboo finished floors were the cleanest and safest, but in reality, vinyl takes the win on both ends. After a series of tests, vinyl was proven to be the most slip resistant material. While other flooring types were adequate as well, vinyl simply couldn’t be beat. Besides this, it also emits relative low amounts of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs may seem like a bit of myth, but they’ve been linked to things such as various illnesses that can cause dizziness or headaches as well as respiratory issues. However, there is never a product with so many pros that doesn’t have equitable cons. The nonprofit Center for Health, Environment and Justice, advise against buying any vinyl flooring citing that vinyl contains lead and phthalate which can be a significant risk to a child. So, while it may be the cleanest and physically safest, that doesn’t always mean it’s the healthiest. This being said, while wood or bamboo flooring isn’t perfect and is absolutely more prone to wearing and damage, it’s one of the more health beneficial options. Since the surface is so smooth and continuous, it’s extremely easy to keep clean. However, this can make in inherently more slippery which is always some risk especially around young children. Regardless of which direction you head with your flooring, it’s important to understand that nothing will be 100% perfect. You simply must weigh the pros and cons to decide which flooring option is perfect for you and your family. Once you get there, you’ll be able to choose flooring that not only is safe but compliments your living space in the way you always imagined.