Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring time means spring cleaning. Many people have the urge to rid themselves of that which they have collected during the winter months and finally open the windows back up to fresh air. If you’re among the spring cleaning crew, you may also be looking for a way to make this year’s cleaning escapades a bit easier. Here are a few spring cleaning tips to get you started:
  • Clean windows, clean soul: This one seems a bit silly, but it’s one of those things that until you’ve done it you don’t realize how much it matters. Take a moment out of your day to really clean your windows. The sill, the screen, even the outside could get a nice hose down. (Extra pro tip: use a scrap of carpeting to clean the screens off, it worse like a bristly brush.)
  • Hang your laundry out to dry: Not necessarily in the literal sense…after a long winter of your comforter being closed up inside, to avoid washing it simply hang it outside for a day to air out. Typically, this is enough as it’s very rare that they actually need to be washed.
  • Clean your fridge with the contents: A great way to scrub down your fridge after cleaning it out is with a mixture of salt and soda water. (Extra pro tip: add a few drops of lemon or citrus essential oil to the mixture to get that freshly cleaned smell without any harsh chemicals.)
  • Make it a family affair: Transform spring cleaning from a day of dread to a day of family bonding. Blast some music, make some lemonade, and get all of your little helpers on board. Turning different tasks into games can make it fun for you and them, alleviating a bit of the pressure from yourself.
  • Reward yourself at the end: Plan on a night of pizza and movies so that as you’re cleaning throughout the day, you have time set aside for relaxation later on. This will make you more inclined to finish what you started. You’d be surprised how well the promise of pizza works to motivate.