Best Flooring for Cats

Unfortunately for cat owners, cats are going to cause issues with your floors. Hair, hairballs, vomit, and urine are all common issues that affect your home’s floors. Keeping your floors in good shape is a challenge, but here are some tips to make sure they stay clean and last for years.

Don’t have carpets

Carpets and cat’s just don’t mix. Carpets catch every little hair and hairball, needing to be vacuumed frequently. Allergens build up quickly and create unhealthy environments. Urine and vomit are very difficult to clean up off of carpets and using certain cleaning supplies run the risk of damaging your carpet long term.

Avoid Porous flooring

Hardwood floors are one of the most elegant flooring options, and are very popular these days. Unfortunately, they are quite porous. If a cat urinates or vomits on them it will leave a stain that can be nearly impossible to remove. Gaps between the floorboards soak up the the urine and vomit and the smell can get stuck in there.

Get area rugs that can be washed easily

Area rugs help make a home cozy and can reduce sound greatly. Be sure to get one that can easily be tossed in the washing machine to remove hairs and allergens from your cat.

Litter and food mats

Surround the area around litter boxes and food dishes with small, thin inexpensive mats. They can be wiped down easily and prevent messy floors.

Get non-porous flooring

The best flooring for cats include bamboo, cork, tile, vinyl or laminate all of these floors are more resistant to stains, sound, and spills. If you have any questions about pet-friendly flooring, call Naffco today at (813) 254-4066